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N.S.D.U. 1861-1865 inc.

Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter Chattanooga, Tn


    N.S.D.U. inc. 1861-1865

                  History of the N.S.D.U. 1861-1865 inc.
       National Society Daughters of the Union
                                         Mrs. Frank Crowell
     Our Society was founded by Mrs. Frank Crowell on
     January 9th, 1912. Mrs. Crowell with a group of friends
     gathered at her home to organize a society to honor the
     memory of the men and women who contributed to the
     preservation of the Union during the war 1861-1865;
     to render aid to the descendants of those patriots who
l    aid down their lives for their country, to foster a spirit
     of patriotism, loyalty, and love of country and to 
     uphold the honor of the flag.
    After deliberation they proceeded to organize and 
    incorporate a Society to be known as the National
    Society Daughters of the Union 1861-1865. Mrs. John
    Fowler Trow was parliamentarian; Mrs. Crowell paid
    all expenses of organization and presented same to 
     It was voted to have the First Annual Meeting take place
    January 30, 1912 that being the anniversary of the day
    when all States which had seceded, were reinstated in
    the Union. Mrs. Crowell called a meeting at her house
    the next day, January 31, 1912 to adopt bylaws and elect
    the First National Board of Officers.,