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N.S.D.U. 1861-1865 inc.

Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter Chattanooga, Tn

     Christmas at the Webb home with members of S.U.V.C.W. camp 63

     Turn out for Kirkland Cemetery in Alton Park  hosted by Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter N.S.D.U.

         and  S.U.V.C.W. camp 63

      Meeting at Wally's Patricia Rhodes, Suzette Ramey, Laura Bales, Jo Hill, Taylor Watson, Elenore Satterfield and  Alma Webb

     Christmas at the Webb home   Patricia Rhodes, Jeff Webb, Elenore Satterfield, Laura Bales, Suzzette Ramey, Jo Hill, ?, Mark Miller, Robert Dobbs, Mark Kemp and Alma Webb

     Christmas at the Webb home Alma Webb, Suzette Ramey, Mary West, Laura Bales and Debbie Kemp

     Meeting at Wally's Guest speakers David Scott and Raymond Evans   David Scott, Alma Webb, Elenore Satterfield, Suzette Ramey, Patricia Rhodes, Laura Bales and Delores Beavers

Alma presents David Scott with N.S.D.U. Historian Award

    Alma presents David Scott with an N.S.D.U. Historian Award from the Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter