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N.S.D.U. 1861-1865 inc.

Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter Chattanooga, Tn


  The Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter is currently saving food, over the counter items and personal care       coupons which are sent to military bases around the country for use

 by the men and women currently serving in our military. Member Taylor Watson is heading this project which   includes many other organizations as well as

 the Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter. Please save your coupons for Taylor Watson, as coupons are good for

 six months after the expiration date on military bases.

 Contact Taylor Watson or Alma Webb for more information as to what coupons can be used or where to   send the coupons

On October 10, 2020 Alma presents Taylor with $6,838.21 worth of coupons

Coupons for the Military totals


The total dollar amount of coupons collected by the Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter is as follows

     2018 -  $69,699.63

     2019 -  $82,377.59

     2020 -  $175,363.95

     2021 -  $304,141.20

     2022 -  97,437.20